Mutti Knudsen

Marie Krøyer

Titel: Mutti Knudsen
Datering: ca. 1884. Oktober
Teknik: Olie på lærred
Format: 50 x 40 cm
Personer: Mutti Knudsen
Note: Literature: Tonni Arnold, “Kunsten i Marie Krøyers liv”, 2002, reproduced p. 25 and mentioned p. 24–26: “Marie has let all the light in the picture radiate from the old woman’s face, as a counterweight to the mournful look in her eyes.

It is thought-provoking that Marie with very little schooling at the age of just 17, is capable of mastering the artistic effects of the portrait painting, to the extent that she can paint the soulful and mournful eyes of this woman.”